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Who gives your training?

All training activities are given by specialists. Their qualifications and skills have been rigorously checked and validated. To optimize the know-how of our students, all the training materials created meet the criteria of our internal standard. Each of our courses are re-evaluated by our students to allow us to improve.

What is your added value compared to other service providers?

What is your added value compared to other service providers?.

Are your results guaranteed?

Before, during and at the end of a term, we systematically validate the results. To ensure the sustainability of the results we ensure that you have all the tools in hand to keep all the results under your control thanks to the S.TGI Tool Box © which is offered to you.

Are you flexible for small projects?

It all starts on a small scale.
We always start with small projects to make sure your needs are understood and fulfilled. We can continue in your larger projects.

What is the time package?

We offer a time package according to your availability. You can use it according to your needs by the following choices:

  • Meeting in your facilities
  • By videoconference
  • By phone

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