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Our goal at STGI is the performance of human beings in their work and in their fulfillment

Our methods are based on proximity to our customers and the involvement of the people who make up our organization. We make it a point of honor on our 3 following values:


Collaborative work makes us more efficient. Close to our customers, it is our duty to share with you our best skills and work tools so that you excel in your area of ​​expertise.


Rigorous and disciplined in our methods, we aim for performance and we place our requirements on yours.


In a logic of sustainable development, we are committed to reducing our ecological footprint. Our solutions are adapted to maximize the reduction of CO 2 or waste for example.

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Our research and development partners

IUT de Valence

The IT department is collaborating with our experts on a non-compliance software project.

IUT de Tarbes

The embedded system department collaborates with our experts on the design of a control card.

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